Hauska tarina Genesiksen live-soittaja Daryl Stuermerilta, joka oli ollut sattumalta samassa hotellissa Brysselissä DMB:n kanssa ja saanut liput DMB:n keikalle! Eipä olisi osannut kuvitellakaan, että DMB:n Butch Taylor on soitellut kimpassa Genesis-rumpali Chester Thompsonin kanssa. Ja Steve Mattoos… 😀

We are rehearsing in Brussels. The Belgian hostess of the hotel told me that the Rolling Stones are in this hotel as well. Haven’t seen them yet. (Maybe I should look up in the coconut trees for Keith?) She said that it’s exciting to have so many bands here at the same time. Then she said also another popular band from the US are here and they are called Steve Mattoos. And I thought that doesn’t sound familiar. Then I thought a moment……….maybe she means Matthews. Then I said, ”do you mean Dave Matthews”? She said, ”oh yes, it is Dave Mattoos”!

This morning I went down to breakfast in the hotel. I ended up sitting next to Billy Corgan (singer/Smashing Pumpkins) and his manager. Seems like a nice guy!

Chester then came down and sat at my table. Another guy across the room recognized Chester because they had played together years ago in Virginia. He came over and talked with us. He’s Butch Taylor of the Dave Matthews band. Since 1998 keyboardist Butch Taylor who, while not officially named a member of the band, is a fixture on stage. Chester and I relate to that position well! Their tour manager Bill Greer got tickets for us for Dave Matthews. Bill was head of security for the Phil Collins tour in 1997 and has been with Dave Matthews for 3 years. The concert was really good! Great vibe and lot’s of energy. His voice reminds of Peter Gabriel a little bit. It was a sold out show of around 7,000 – 8,000 people. The band got a very positive response from the Brussels audience and the 90 minutes I heard, I liked very much.

That’s it for now! I hope to see you all out there in the audience!

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